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EB-4: Fourth Preference Category – Certain Special Immigrants

Approximately 7.1% of employment based immigrant visa are given to individuals that fall within this category. A fourth preference applicant is an individual with an approved petition for Amerasians, Widow(er)s of US citizen, battered or abused spouse or child of a US citizen or lawful permanent resident, or special immigrants of the following subgroups:

  1. Religious Worker: Ministers of Religion or Certain Religious Workers. Must continue to work as a minister or religious worker for a bona fide nonprofit religious organization within the US for no less than two years prior to the petition and must have worked for the organization abroad in the same position for at least 2 years.
  1. Certain Former Panama Canal Company Employee, Canal Zone Government Employee, U.S. Government in the Canal Zone Employee.
  1. Physician: Foreign Medical Graduates who was licensed to practice medicine in any state of the US on January 9th, 1978, entered with a H or J visa before January 9th, 1978, and has been present and practiced medicine continuously in the US (adjustments only).
  1. Certain Retired International Organization Employee or Family Member: Surviving spouse of deceased International Organization employees, unmarried sons and daughters.
  1. Juvenile Court Dependent.
  1. Certain Armed Forces Member who was recruited outside of the US who has served or is enlisted to serve the US armed forces.
  1. Afghanistan or Iraq National Who Supported the US Armed Forces as a Translator who has worked directly with the US armed forces or under Chief of Mission authority as a translator for a period longer than 12 months and meet certain requirements. There is a cap of 50 visas for this subgroup per year.
  1. Iraq National Who Worked for or on Behalf of the US Government in Iraq for no less than 12 months on between the period of March 20th, 2003 and September 30th, 2013 and has experienced an ongoing serious threat as a consequence of that employment.
  1. Afghan National who Worked for or on Behalf of the US Government in Afghanistan for no less than twelve months after October 7th, 2001 and has experienced an ongoing serious threat as a consequence of that employment.
  1. Certain retired NATO-6 Civilians, surviving spouse, and unmarried sons and daughters of such civilians.

Contact Kristy Qiu, Esq., a knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale Immigration Attorney to find out the approximate wait time and availability of visa for each preference category.


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